Family Wealth Planning

Financial Education

We believe that every family's money is important.  As such, we strongly emphasize a goals-based approach to wealth planning. Once goals are defined and established, we can move forward with educating clients on the various tax, estate, and investment implications of their financial planning decisions.   We will also dig deeper on the areas of concern.


Trust & Estate Planning Strategies

We address the needs of your estate, including helping families implement estate planning strategies.  This also includes legacy planning, charitable giving, gifting, or assisting with family governance and wealth planning concerns.  We will work closely with your tax and legal professionals to find cohesive, integrated strategies that suit your particular planning needs. 


High Level of Communication

We are always available to discuss your concerns and changing needs.  We will thoroughly review every aspect of your needs as well as your emotional biases toward investing.  We take a thoughtful, long-term approach in an effort to minimize common behavioral mistakes, such as bias toward recent market results and herd mentality.  We understand that lives change and financial plans need to be flexible and adapt to changing goals and changing market environments.


Wealth Management and Investment Advisory Services

Our firm's unique investment platform, robust resources, and due diligence capabilities allow us to offer customized traditional and alternative investment portfolios.  Stifel offers a broad array of high-quality private assets such as: private equity, venture capital, 1031 exchange traded funds, hedge funds, tax deferred strategies, and structured investments.